House of Prayer #5, Apostolic Church of God

 848 Main Street

P.O. Box 1831

Brockton, MA 02303


Suffragan Bishop Dr. Henry W. Seemore, Pastor

Phone: (508) 584-9199

 Members of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

About our Pastor...

Suffragan Bishop Henry W. Seemore, Sr.

Suffragan Bishop Henry W. Seemore, Sr. is the Pastor of the House of Prayer #5 Apostolic Church of God, Inc., located at 848 Main Street, Brockton, (Aka “The City of Champions”), Massachusetts (March 1983-Present); as well as the former Pastor of the House of Prayer #2 (1976-July 1979). The House of Prayer #2 Church is now located in Marietta, Georgia; and pastored by one of the Spiritual Sons of Suffragan Bishop Seemore, in the person of Elder Ricky A. Wise, Sr, who also served faithfully as “Assistant Pastor” to Suffragan Bishop Seemore for many years.


Suffragan Bishop Seemore received his local license in 1970 and national license in 1975. He was ordained in Boston, Massachusetts as an Elder in 1979. In March 1983, he was
installed as Pastor of the House of Prayer #5 Church; subsequently, he was elevated to “District Elder;” and in a few years, he was elevated to “Suffragan Bishop,” by Bishop Thomas Weeks, then the Diocesan of the Northeast District Council Pentecostal Assemblies if the World, Inc.


Suffragan Bishop Seemore is a highly decorated Army Retiree with over 20 years of active service. He served two combat tours in the Republic of Vietnam; he holds a Bronze Star, an Air Medal for 25 combat missions, and numerous other military awards and commendations. Suffragan Bishop Seemore is also the recipient of the Chapel Volunteer of the Year Award from the General Commission of Chaplains and Armed Forces Personnel (1978 – 1979).

Suffragan Bishop Seemore is married to Mary A. (Ware) Seemore, his wife of 50 years and the proud father of 3 children: Henry Jr., Kimberly, and Traci.